Dan Corner
Holiness Preacher
Dan Corner, Holiness Preacher

Dan Corner Evangelical Holiness books include the following:

** The Believer's Conditional Security: Eternal Security Refuted. This 801 page monster volume is the most thorough refutation to eternal security ever written.

** The Myth of Eternal Security is a 230 page powerful supplementation to The Believer's Conditional Security. It too has been a blessing to people.

** Is This The Mary of The Bible is a 296 page gentle but firm Biblically based book written to help Catholics learn about Mary. It is a real eye-opener for Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

* The Gospel According to Charles Stanley is a neatly compacted 42 page booklet which can fit in your shirt pocket. It is very revealing and also Biblically based. Stanley's eternal security book is quoted and critiqued.

* John MacArthur's Calvinistic Version of Saving Faith is a 52 page booklet focusing in upon John MacArthur and his Calvinism regarding the last point of his theology, once saved always saved. Do NOT be deceived, MacArthur is NOT teaching holy living for salvation.

* A Study on Biblical Salvation is another booklet (54 pages in length) which will help answer many questions for people about the true meaning of repentance and how it is related to salvation.

* A Critique of Gail Riplinger's Scholarship and KJV Onlyism is 54 pages and very informative about that divisive woman and the problems she has helped to create by promoting KJV Onlyism. This booklets has some shocking details about the KJV and the people who translated it.

A long list of many other similar materials, including audio sermons you can listen to FREE of charge and videos to watch, are also available. May they all bless and help you draw near to God.

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